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Thursday, December 27th, 2007 @ 3:36 pm
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I am at a stage into the research journey that i shall be really thinking about starting writing (even if it is drafts) and organising it…however, i encounter a huge tendency for procrastination, i am quite slow. It is the time that my creativity and flow shall kick in and instead of that, am rather regressing and avoiding the whole subject. Part of is muct be due to the fact that it is Christmas, am back in my ‘homeland’, staying at my parents’ house etc…so regression is literally happening! Besides that, am aware of how much the topic is personally challenging, although i do have fantasies around the writing of the Thesis chapters, it is a bit scary – i admit – having to produce such a long document that requires a lot of synthesis…it is like bearing a child and giving birth, it is a long process with its ups and downs. I am not a mother in real life but the Phd does feel like going through some kind of ‘motherhood’, i would say. I arranged to meet for a coffee with a dear friend who is a write and can maybe offer some support and understanding about the challenges of writing a script that is to come from so deep within…I also have a lot of reading to do that i am resisting at the moment. I was also thinking how important ot is to me to ‘create a home/office’ in order to write up the Thesis, literally speaking. With my mobile life between 2 countries and other travels in between, i do not have the sufficient ‘nesting’ to host my thoughts and inner process so that my writing can emerge. I need to do some practical changes in order to meet this need, some domestic kind of changes, for sure…i will be back, with some kind of architecture…

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