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more data coming in

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 @ 2:57 pm
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so…its been a while i havent updated my blog, i guess its all my mobility (travelling to India, Greece etc) that has kept me away from desktop, also due to all the other things that life throws on the way, with family matters etc. BUT, i think it is good torecord here that i have been doing well with conducting more research interviews (I did 2 very interesting ones when in India: one with a Brazilian counsellor working in Canada and one with a Canadian counsellor working in India….such unique opportunities to get in one place and do a recording with such colleagues!). Now, whilst still in Athens, i have one interview today with a Greek male therapist (this is my 2nd male participant amongst many females, i wonder why…just a coincidence or gender plays a role?) who returned back 2 years ago after training/working in the UK and then, with another Greek female counselling psychologist who also returned from the UK.

I also had a unique surprise earlier this morning: my transcriber wrote some commentay on the data she has been listening which is so useful for triangulation purposes…its good to have another EYE on my data, as i often get blinded when too close or involved with it

i reallyhave to organise myself in the next few weeks, get into a rythm for writing and systematise my work…time flies so quickly and i dont want to end up in a panic…it wouldnt be useful heuristically speaking also!

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