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‘Love’ your research (the metaphor of the abyss)

Thursday, February 14th, 2008 @ 4:21 pm
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Love day today and at university we had this seminar about ‘loving’ our research…:-). I shall admit that doing a PhD is like having a partner, in a love and hate relationship almost…there are moments that u are inspired and ‘in love’ with the whole thing and other times that it all gets too overwhelming and you nearly feel like throwing everything out of the window…i see that i develop ‘compassion’ towards myself through the research process and ofter the Thesis gets personified into a ‘being’ that i relate to in different ways. I see that in other PhD students also when we talk about that process which is actually comforting

In a conversation i had earlier today with my supervisor, i was telling him that am at a stage where i need to start writing drafts of the Thesis chapters but dont know where to start from as every section feels huge. It feels as if every area of the research tht i may touch, there is an ‘abyss’ underneath that puts me in deep waters and part of me resists against this diving (this reminds me of Ann Scott’s paper with the metaphor of the heuristic researcher as a diver!). However, i do need to swim and make the journey of the Thesis writing without drowning

Another image i had about the Thesis during this morning’s tutorial was that painting by Salvador Dali that shows the woman with drawers, as well as another one called ‘the burning giraffe’ (see link about it here). It is as if the Thesis has so many ‘drawers’ where each section needs unfolding as well as keeping the whole piece/furniture together to a united whole…the theme of craftmanship and architecture come in as metaphors once again.

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