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another interview (the theme of ‘subcultures’)

Monday, February 18th, 2008 @ 3:48 pm
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Posted in  Data Collection, Research Participants

Today i had another research interview here in Manchester with a Greek, male counselling psychologist living and working in the UK. What was mostly interesting in this case was that this participant was clearly locating himself in the various subcultures that he seems to associate with. For example, when talking about his frequent visits to his original culture (Greece), he said that there is the little rural town in the North of Greece where he grew up and his mum not lives there, there is the urban capital of Athens where most of his friends are and the other urban centre (salonica) where hsi brother and other friends live. In terms of belonging he expressed a sense of confusion but also said that he is aware of the different aspects of himself (in terms of mannerism etc) that emerge when at each of those places

He also talked about other aspects of ‘cultural’ identity that he associates with such as gender (being male – gender roles in original and host culture), sexual preference (he works at a gay/lesbian counselling service), class/socioeconomic status etc…he also talked about the ‘culture’ of therapy itself, in terms of modalities etc, as well as difference in boundaries and manerisms when counselling is delivered in either culture (original or host)

I need to find relevant literature on sub-cultures!

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