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Jung, Kerenyi, myths…heuristics

Monday, February 25th, 2008 @ 2:19 pm
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I have been reading the book by Kerenyi, C. (2002, original in 1949) Jung and Kerenyi: the science of mythology. London: Routledge. I found this quote that is so relevalt to ‘heuristic immersion’ phase p.10: “Figurativelly speaking, it is a kind of immersion in ourselves that leads to the living germ of our wholeness”

In this book, Prof. Kerenyi analyses the ubiquitous myths of the Divine Child and the Maiden Goddess, drawing from Jungian archetypes. I often fild that Jungian literature is very relevant to my research, due to its deep roots to Greek mythology, amongst else, and i really need to immerse myself in it. Jung appears to be revealing what myths teach us about the inner world of the psyche. Will look at the library for more input, need to organise my reading

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