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Listening to and editing interview transcripts

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 @ 4:06 pm
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Posted in  Data Analysis

During the last couple of days, am trying to organise the data i have gathered through research interviews and start working on data analysis more systematically. What i see as needing to do is:

– listen to the recordings as am reading the transcripts and make any grammar and content corrections

– see what themes stand out in the first instance

– send transcripts back to interviewees, together with any emerging comments that would potentially generate more reflections in a post-interview phase

From the very beginning of my research, i was aware (and still am!) of the fact that my topic raise issues that are hard to put into words and this is why i often feel as if ‘i do not really have any data’, although i have a good number of recordings.Now i am in the phase of getting into the words/text of my research and try to make sense of it as well as attempt to make a syntheiss at a later stage…all this needs a lot of discipline and i shall keep having a rythm of working that can contain all this process

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