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why not quantitative methodology

Thursday, April 17th, 2008 @ 10:17 am
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When i come to write my methodology chapter, i will need to argue FOR choosing qualitative research versus quantitative. I found this useful quote that argues why quantitative methods wouldnt be as appropriate for my research. It is in Webster, L. and Mertova P. (2007) Using Narrative Inquiry as a research method: an introduction to using critical event narrative analysis in research on teaching and learning. London: Routledge. Here it is:

“Quantitative methods can, in many instances, be rather inneffective with regard to certain important aspects of subjects or phenomena under study. We find that they frequently tend to overlook complex issues, which are, for instance, considered significant by the participants in the research. This happens because quantitative methods tend not to have the scope to deal with complex human-centred issues” (p.3)

“Quantitative research is typically looking for outcomes and frequently overlooks the impact of experience, while narrative inquiry allows researchers to get an understanding of that experience” (Webster and Mertova, 2007: 5)

I dont think i will have to argue further on why not quantitative in my Thesis, i will focus in developing the ideas around the qualitative choices

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