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working on research transcripts

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 @ 11:18 am
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It’s been a coupleof weeks that i havent written anything on this blog as i am working on the research transcripts and trying to see how i will analyse the datqa heuristically speaking. I guess it in another process of ‘immersion’ in the material where i try to find the meaning units and see the patterns or any insights emerging from the interviews. I am writing summaries of each interviews and intend to send back to each interviewee for verification and any feedback. The whole Phd project feels huge at the moment, i need to be making  a plan of smaller goald and work within deadlines. I am now focusing on the interviews i conducted with Greek immigrant therapists (some still in host culture and some who have returned to Greece) and i am going to write a case study that will be presented at the IAAP conference in Berlin in July…will write more here as i proceed….

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