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my dream about chapter writing

Thursday, May 15th, 2008 @ 3:26 pm
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Posted in  Personal Process, Supervision

I have been feeling frustrated lately cause time flies and i feel the need to start writing up pieces of the Thesis and have a sense of producing something which hasnt been possible till now a. cause am still in analysis stage and b.cause of my engagement with the topic that often leeds to enmeshment that doesnt help with writing up. However, i had a dream last week where my supervisor was advising me to start writing up the Methodology Chapter, parallel to working on transcripts. We had supervision yesterday and we tried to see what this chapter would include. what we came up with as possible subheadings is: -discussing issues related to methodological choices

– why qualitative and why the paradigms i am drawing from (heuristic, auto-ethnography, narrative etc)

-phases of heuristic methodology etc

-write about the interview process

-write about co-researchers (how i recruited etc)

– ethical issues

-validity issues

I find it useful to read other people’ s thesis and this is what i am doing at present whilst also reading Denzin and Lincoln Handbook

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