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are western therapy models best for all?

Monday, May 19th, 2008 @ 2:08 pm
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there is a big debate about the ‘western dominance’ in terms of therapy concepts, discourse, theory, ways of practice etc and the questions that are being re-visited, i would say rather slowly, given that potentially issues of power are being challenged as a result, are whether western theories and models are universal and applicable to all cultures and societies etc. My supervisor Dr. West ( and a few of us in such debates) have been challenging such ideas. He recently wrote a poem on his blog, titled SUPPOSE (see: – he shares that with an audience of counsellors at a recent conference!) where he is questioning whether West knows best in terms of counselling/therapy. As i read it, i came up with my own poem, titled YOU WONDER and i share it below:


You wonder about service
about better ways of helping

Wondering leads to wandering
unsettling what it takes
you travel and dialogue
you muse and read plates

In Africa and India
where colours are more bright
you come back and wonder
you see your isle in different light

I found you in my travels
in this British Queen land
you were wearing no crown
It’s your aura that made me land

We talk about culture
we call our ancestors to stand
I bring seeds in my pocket
you offer me soil for my plant

we wrestle with the question:
how is it best to help?
we listen to each other
and put our histories to rest

West doesn’t know better
just one answer in the noise
It’s Dr. West that writes better
and leads me find my own voice

Do you still Wonder?

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