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Supervision with William, 10.6.08

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 @ 4:17 pm
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I had a supervision meeting with William today where we discussed various issued of my research (some interesting initial findings, some things i have written, some literature etc). It really looks like my topic is ‘ahead its time’ and has many political dimensions attached to it in relation to the current affairs and future directions of the therapy world, which actually makes it quite interesting but also adds to my challenged in relation to writing about it. William is giving me great feedback about my writings and he actually comlimented a lot my rigour and scholarship today, which was nice and encouraging. We also finalised filling in the 6-month-progress report and I handed it in to Debbie. I have also seen my second supervisor (Clare) last week and we talked about the epistemology/ontology that will go into somewhere when i start drafting the methodology chapter….i really need to organise my paperwork first in order to organise my thinking. i am doing a lot of reading at the same time and have 2 conference presentations to prepare which adds up to all the work. William was very pleased about my progress he acknowledges the challenges i face and the pace i need to proceed, we cannot really force a certain process to unfold when doing qualitative research! so, am aware of the overall deadlines but also follow my natural pace in order to do justice in terms of producing good work…

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