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Reflections from attending Pathways Careers Event

Monday, June 16th, 2008 @ 3:04 pm
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I attended an interesting event today organised by Manchester University Careers Service about issues related to careers of PhD studnets and research stuff. I am at a stage in my PhD that i have another year yo go when i will be writing my Thesis and although this will take over most of my time, i am also looking at how i can make best use of all the learning and skills i have gained to explore and plan what could be good moves or the next step after the PhD, something that i have been talking about with my supervisor too.The full programme of the day and further infor can be viewed by clicking on this weblink. It was a full day event that provided a number of workshops. I attended the following sessions:

  • Marketing your PhD
  • Dos and Donts of Grant Funding Applications
  • Career Planning and Networking using your Professional Body
  • Using the web to increase your profile

Each of those sessions gave me food for thought and I also had the chance to meet some interesting people and make contacts for future collaborations. What i am mostly interested in is the ideas that i have after attending the last session on web use in relation to how i could offer some useful inisghts to other PhD students about my blog use as a qualitative research tool. This is something that i have been discussing with my supervisor for a few months now but it is just the issue of making time to design a workshop for it, amongst my heavy PhD schedule. However, i have met a couple of people today that can actually help and this can be a ‘joint’ sort of project that we can take forward. Also, i have been thinking that given that my PhD is of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural nature, having a blog and/or use of the net in other forms is actually a great tool for my professional progression, also post PhD, cause i can disseminate my cross-cultural findings, provide training and consultancy accross the globe, without being inhibited by any geographical barriers. so, there is more for me to develop in this area and although i get less and less time to dedicate to blog posts as i need to focus more on Thesis writing, i still have a good basis here that i can feed in when i can

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