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The self we live by (Holstein and Gubrium, 2000)

Monday, July 7th, 2008 @ 10:53 pm
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I have been reading this very dense book by Holstein, J. A. & Gubrium, J. F. (2000) The Self we live by: Narrative Identity in a postmodern world. Oxford: Oxford University Press. It was quite tiring to read using a lot of complex language. i did find some useful quotes for the Thesis but i think it is tou much of a complex book to read any maybe it is complicating my thinking

‘the word postmodern signals a world that multiplies and hybridizes our identities’ (p. 56)

we live in a postmodern world ‘where the global is becoming the local (and vice versa), and whose diverse and competing messages are very fast outpacing a self whose modern bearings seem no longer capable of reasonably managing input’ (p. 59)

“at the end of teh 21st century, the self has lost its traditional groundings and fizzled empirically. The self’s very existence is seriously being questioned” (back page of book)

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