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Blogging as academic supervision tool

Friday, July 11th, 2008 @ 12:01 pm
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I lately had some conversations with various people at University including my supervisor about how a PhD blog can be used also as a supervision tool in the academia, sth we now want to promote more within the University and am collaborating with A. about that, i thing it will be very useful and i need to put some more work on that matter, probably with running a workshop session during the coming academic year. I had an email exhange with my supervisor about it and amongst else he wrote:

“Yes I think your blog is helpful for other doctorate students as it shows your journey including how you make use of me (i.e academic supervision). If others blogged then students could see ‘the varieties of doctoral experiences’. This would really help sort out how much is it me, how much is it this supervisor, how much is it this institution, how much is it just doing a doctorate. Of course you doctorate students get together and figure these questions out anyway but blogging is one further and sometimes more intimate resource for this and other purposes”

I also want to write a section in my Thesis about the use of this blog and also thinking that a publication will come out of it…it is all a matter of time management for me now, so much to do!

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