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Mid-summer check in

Saturday, July 19th, 2008 @ 5:46 pm
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Well, it has been a hectic few weeks, i have been working on various things related to the PhD in one way or another (readings, writings, meetings, dialogue with peers, identifying next steps, supervision, literature searcher etc etc). The last week has been particularly busy as i am flying to Berlin tomorrow morning to present a paper at the XIXX International Congress of Psychology about Counselling in the context of the Greek culture.  so much work to do really and at the same time so many ideas are floating in my head about how i can use my research for my carred development post PhD. BUT….i really have to focus this year and say NO to other activities in order to reallhy focus on my main job which is THESIS WRITING.

I see that the months are passing quickly, the writing process in heuristic terms cannot be rushed really and i have to now give my best shot to produce a good enough, rigorous PhD Thesis. Whatever i have done during the PhD years will not show its value if i now do not manage to make a good synhesis in the Thesis i need to produce, this is what i will be assessed upon anyway…so, i am off leaving UK for a while and i will be recording my process as and when web access is possible…here i take off soon!

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