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Thursday, September 18th, 2008 @ 1:14 am
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…very slowly really! i wrote 1300 words today in the theme of home and belonging. Not cause i had an idea where i will put it in the thesis, just cause it felt right or ready to start writing about it. I think that i have been trying to make a structure of chapters and then start writing but maybe this is not the way to go about it. Heuristically speaking, something needs to be ‘ready’ to be written inside me. This process creates a sense of anxiety inside me in terms of time management and whether i will manage to finish within my timeline, if i  continue like this. On the other hand, i am taking into account Jeni’s (and my supervisor’s advice at times) that i shall trust the process and then it will all come together…i hope!

wat frustrates me is that i feel like i want to dive into the literature and start writing the methodology and Lit.  Review chapter…BUT…i have been avoiding my data and data analysis and this is hanging around with potential unpredictable problems/ issues to resolve without having a closer look at it…so i have to do that analysis job actually and i feel drawn at different directions. Maybe i shall look at transcripts and write heuristic summaries of them till 1st October and then decide on next steps. in the meantime, i will be reading what attracts my interest,in natural flow, and type interesting quotes…i may not know now where i will use them but if sth catched my eye, i know i will use it in my writing at some point, at least…time to sleep now!

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