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Thesis vs. blog writing

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 @ 11:01 pm
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As i am in my 3rd PhD year and the time seems to be flying pretty quickly, i am observing certain shifts in my prioritising as i am at a stage that requires both focus and good time management, if it is to complete my Phd within my official deadline. I have to keep remining to myself that writing the Thesis is my MAIN JOB for this year and i have a lot of text to produce, which does not come at easy flow, given the complexities of my topic. Therefore, i need to be dedicating my energy into that and start saying ‘no’ to other opportunities for writing just now (such as to any new book chapter contributions, papers for journals etc).

In terms of the blog, i notice that i have a resistance to be writing posts in here now, cause i need to be saving my energy for ‘thesis text’ and also, i want to be less exposed now about what i am doing. My thesis is an original piece of work and until i have it written, i want to own it and ‘protect’ my ideas and what contributions to knowledge it brings…until it is ready to be disseminated. I think this is a fair enough stance so the use of this blog is now shifting…i often want to be recording here some abstarcts that i may need to study further for my literature review or write posts when it feels significant to state/share or dialogue about something…but, i dont want to write much of the PhD process in here now, in public, as i want to be processing and writing it in the Thesis, in private and share it with my supervisors or other readers that may be giving me feedback to improve it.

These reactions i am experiencing now towards the use of this blog, may be suggesting some dimensions that relate to blogging as a reflexive research tool in general. there are times that the researcher has reasons to be less exposing the process to a wider public…would be interested to hear what others may think about what i am raising in this post now, comments are welcome!

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“Thesis vs. blog writing”

  1. This question of how reflexive to be on a blog is very relevant to me. On the way to work yesterday on my bike I passed a physically disabled child and I was overcome with memories and feelings about my son’s diasbility mostly ‘cured’ by an operation when he was 11 weeks old. The writer in me wanted to capture this story and blog it – it was rich human and of some potential value to others but I felt unable to, it is too personal and I don’t want to use (abuse?) it. I guess it is a story I would share with others facing similar difficulties and one of these days I might write something fictional that drew on the flavour rather than the precise details of these experiences.

  2. Thanks for your comments William. Yes, i guess that when experience we are ‘ researching’ is very close to home, there are times that immediate self-care responses operate within in order to avoid the immersion of painful feelings. In such cases, i guess that expression is art or fiction form may be appropriate, as such mediums act as a medium to contain the ‘ weight’ of the experience, without compromising the need and value of expressing it and sharing it with others.

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