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Therapist as Internationalist?

Friday, October 17th, 2008 @ 1:04 pm
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I found this paper online about demands on current European psychiatry to move towards having cross-cultural awareness:

Cox, J.L. (2007) European Psychiatry: moving towards integration and harmony. World Psychiatry, February, 6(1), p. 54-56. World Psychiatric Association, available on:

It appears hopeful that psychiatry is moving towards such a stance, what i am wondering is that he paper does not suggest how this may happen, although it highlights the need for it! So, to what extend are psychiatrists aware of their own cultural influences and then how those interact with those of their patients in that respect is something i would like to hear more about. This is a debatable quote i note from the article::

“The boundaries between primary and secondary, neuroscience and social science, psychiatrist and psychologist, traditional healer, religious counsellor and psychotherapist, hospital and community all have to be traversed in both directions all the time. These migrations are being driven by at least two social forces. The first is the demand of the users for greater autonomy and more personalized healthcare. The second is the scientific advances of psychiatry, demonstrating, for example, the mechanism of the link between gene expression, early development and adult personality”

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