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practicalities and organising

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 @ 11:09 pm
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I find myself feeling quite stressed out around oganising my time whilst having a a flow of thinking, reading and writing the thesis. I realy cannot believe how time flies so quickly and when i look what i have actually produced in terms of text, this is not much at all, although several PhD students that i have spoken with told me that they were at similar stage of productivity. I know that this is very much due to all i have been recovering from during the PhD years so far in my personal life and i know that to be really on time or manage the demands of what the PhD requires, I would need to have everything else more or less stable which was not at all and those events where beyond my control. So, in the light of this realisation i know that i shall be compassionate towards myself too. ..However, the truth is that PhD thesis writing needs to be the top priority now, even if other areas of my life that appear urgent too need to wait – simply cause the more i work on the PhD and the sooner i manage to complete it, the more clear space and time i will have for everything else.

Although i started working on the Findings chapter about a month ago, i figured out that it is very confusing and time consuming and it leaves me with the feeling that although i may be spending a whole day in front of the PC, not much gets complete (although i have completed just over 10.000 words). For this reason or cause i need to comfort my anxiety around having the sense that something IS actually getting done, i decided to engage with the literature again and try to  write the methodology chapter by the end of November. I will then have at least a chunk done (maximum 15.000 words). When talking to my supervisor today, we also kind of concluded that i need to writing about 8-10.000  words per month from now on, if it is to be able to hand in a first draft by the summer, at least! This feels daunting and i do not feel that  the heuristic process i am going through can be really forced…but then, I need to do what i can and evaluate maybe a bit later the quality of it, given the challenges of the topic and methodology

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