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Sunday writing…

Sunday, December 7th, 2008 @ 6:42 pm
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It is Sunday and i have been sitting on my desk since early afternoon, continuing with writing a first draft of the methodology chapter. I am feeling quite stressed, as the more i write, the more i realise the size and blur areas of the research or what is still in process in my understandings. There is no other way forward than to ‘keep writing’ like one would just ‘ keep swimming’ if in the middle of the ocean, until the next rock or piece of land becomes visible…i see that from now on i have to work in more dedicated mode, with less holidays and less free time…the weekend is no ‘free’ period when doing a PhD, unless one is very well organised and with strict time or mood management. I find it impossible to discipline myself in such a way as i notice that for this piece of work, i need to be following the moods of inspiration and inner flow that are not that predictable. I have the discipline of sitting on my desk and reading and so on but the writing flow comes at its own mood and timing, and i am doing my best to be ‘attuned’ with that and stay creative. The blog writing is ‘on hold’ as my priority is the Thesis writing. so, the blog has a different function for now, helping me as an archive and reminder of the PhD process, my personal library that i use now to find useful quotes and extracts for my Thesis

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