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Discussing methodology draft chapter in supervision

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 @ 4:18 pm
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After about 6 weeks of hard work focusing on chapter writing, i managed to produce a coherent methodology chapter for my PhD thesis which i emailed last night to my supervisor and we had a meeting today about it. I received very positive feedback, him commenting that my writing is ‘tour de force’ and attracts the interest of the reader, it is having an impact. We talked about the structure of the Thesis and where i could place what, something that will get clearer as i do more writing. We also discussed some things that i feel confused about and how i position myself towards certain dilemmas. i think what i have to keep doing at this point is just keep writing and possibly all the processing and decisions to be made will become clearer as I proceed. My goal now is to produce another two chapters within certain deadlines we have set: 1. first, i will write a chapter about my ‘own story’ by the end of January, which shall possibly go before the methodology and after the Introduction because it introdices me and gives the context of my reflexivity to the reader. Then 2. i will attempt to do the analysis and write the findings chapter by end of April. This is going to be a bit hard cause i see that there is much more to be done with data analysis before i can do the writing but i will give it a try anyway…time to take a ‘breath’ now and continue with the rest of the journey, it is ongoing now and for the next months and requires my discipline and dedication

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