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in pain and frustrated….but health comes first!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 @ 11:31 pm
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well….as i was getting really fresh and prepared to dive into getting on with writing my thesis, i am disrupted once again, how frustrating!!!! it is a week now (the first week of the new year) that i am in pain due to a terrible tooth problem that i now know that requires surgery – it will be a painful, costly and time-consuming procedure that is just messing up all my programme…i can’t work with such a headache! and i feel more stressed as all this takes me away from the deadlines i have set up for myself, in unpredicateble ways………..but what can i do?? a friend reminded me today that in the  end of the day, if i am not well and healthy, i can’t work…i have to accept it even if i dont like it and exercise patience without allowing the stress to take over…..writing the PhD is hard enough job to do, even if one is well….am just irritated cause i was now  getting into creative mode and i cant follow it really, when in physical pain….will see C. tomorrow for supervision at least – so, phd writing is now ‘on hold’….i am trying to do some reading, if i have clear mind, to keep in touch with it, at least…

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