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Supervision with Clare, 10.1.09

Saturday, January 10th, 2009 @ 12:20 pm
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I arranged to have supervision with my other supervisor today. I informed her about the health situation that it is taking time off my studies and she re-assured me that if i need more time, the Univ takes into account such situations. I also talked with the School’s administrator and she gave me some info about PhD students having the option to go for ‘submission pending’ period if they reach their offical deadline but require more time to submit. This is good in terms of not getting too stressed out and having this affecting my work, i definitely cannot write properly if i feel i am in a race and also i need to be ‘compassionate’ towards myself, when i have a health issue to deal with cause it is a priority anyway!

What was very useful in this tutorial was that, after i discussed with C, in detail about where i am at with the PhD at this very moment, in terms of data analysis and writing, we sat with a piece of paper and identified the steps of what needs to be written and by when in the next few months. If all goes well and i can reach the deadlines we set between us without any other disruptive events – and of course, if this plan proves to be compatible with the heuristic research process i am in – then i am aiming at having a first draft by end of september and work on it in the following few months with my supervisorsso that i submit by Christmas and arrange for a viva after, in early spring which wd lead to graduating in June ’10. Fingers crossed, i hope that my health goes well and that my mind/intuition/creativity/self-discipline will be in such a place to achieve this goal. As i have read in numerous books about how to manage a PhD, there is a point that it all comes down to the ability for self-management and disciplined work rather than any geniounsness…..i am sure i can manage very well and my supervisors are very affirming of that too, but need to be pain-free and healthy first!!!! i am glad i can write something (like this post) when the medication is controlling the pain for a while….so, i will continue with small steps as for the PhD writing, till this health issue is over and i can get into the work more intensively, with long hours into it, as required.

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