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Sunday, January 11th, 2009 @ 4:11 pm
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Posted in  PhD management

I went to a birthday party last night where there were a few students who either have recently completed theis Phds or are in the process of completing and had very fruitful conversations with them about the writing up process…none of them had finished within the original deadline and that was reassuring, especially for qualitative studies. we also talked about the important of self and time management and acknowledges that life events or health related issues do get on the way at times and it is good to be patient with that and allow oursleves for ‘recovery periods’ too. Hopefully i will find the specialist needed to treat my tooth as soon as possible, in the meantime am doing as much as i can, when the painkillers tame the toothache that causes headache too, and i see that ‘every little counts’ towards the end result of the thesis. I notice that i cant be away from it cause if i am losing touch then it is hard to get attuned with it again…so, am taking small steps at present and am sure that will conytibute to my working longer hours when i am stronger, i am positive that it will all go well, i was even telling to a colleague yesterday  that i  want to be coming towards ‘loving’ my thesis now, rather that be in a battle with it, due to the stress and the challenges it entails!

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