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baby steps

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 @ 6:44 pm
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I have established a routine in relation to the PhD work to help me structure my day in a way that this is actually my F/T job and am treating the writing process as such. However, although i spend hours in front of the screen or with papers etc, there are actually baby steps towards producing my thesis, my pace is not as i would like to – i know that this is due to the fact that i am processing things and also, now that i am trying to write the auto-biographical section i will include before the methodology chapter, i see that i am kind of regressing and resisting it due to the emotions that it provokes. However, when sharing this with my supervisor earlier today, i heard myself telling him that i am seeing this as a kind of  ‘cleansing’ process almost, it seems that i need to write my story first before i immerse to the data again and work on the participants’ stories. I wished i could do all that at a quicker pace but am trying to be patient…the Heuristic process is highly engaging and demanding and cannot be forced…the baby takes time to grow so i am being a kind, nurturing ‘mother’ to my thesis

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