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PhD supervision group

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 @ 2:18 pm
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I used my time during the PhD group supervision today to clarify where am at in relation to the research and the writing process. I have acknowledged some dynamics that i have with my interview data that relates to what i understand as ‘hidden agenda’ which leads to certain things not being articulated and leaves me feeling frustrated with it. My supervisor highlighted the importance to see that as part of the phenomenon am exploring and write about it. I have also spoken about how i feel in relation to my sense of power in the role of researcher and this raised a rich conversation in the group about voice, decisions and our positioning as researchers and authors. In terms of writing, i have so far received positive feedback from 4 readers of my methodology chapter (my 2 supervisors and 2 friends/colleagues) which is a good start; however i need to be steadily progressing with it as it will take long. I am aware that i need to be ready to write a certain part, in a heuristic study, and cannot force the process, although the PhD clock keeps ticking. We have agreed with my supervisors that completion will very possibly take longer and that is something to accept and make good use of the time ahead…am not the only one after all!

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