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supervision with William, 11.2.09

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 @ 11:57 pm
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My seeking for clarity in the PhD phase i am into at the moment, i have been reading literature that i found either in the library or though online searches and realised that the next step for me is to write the Literature Review of my Phd thesis, as it is formed through the main themes of my findings. It has been some time now that it was clear to me that it is not easy to do the Literature Review, given that there is not much written on the particular angle i am taking. So, i had arranged for meeting with my supervisor so discuss some dilemmas and strategies i could follow to approach the matter. I looked at 2 doctoral theses (one on existential migration conducted in UK and one on the evolving cultural identities of immigrant psychotherapits conducted in the US) and identified what could be relevant to my writing. Although i have strated reading voraciously at an early stage of my phd, i was advised not to do a Literature Review chapter then so that i could be less pre-occupied around what i was seeking and also cause there is an argument for doing one once the data gives you the angles that require attention. I have now made a list of 22 main themes that come out of my data. One way of presenting the findings and my Literature Review, as suggested by my supervisor, would be to group them in 3 headings (personal, professional and societal dimensions of the experience) and follow the line of: “ These are  the experiences/stories of 24 therapists who left their home country to train and work as therapists in a host culture. Their stories yield themes that fall into 3 broad categories/sections i.e. Personal, professional and societal. From a personal viewpoint these often intense experiences can be ..”

This seems like a doable way of making a start around writing this section and see where it takes me. My aim for now is to finish the ‘my story’ section hopefully by the beginning of next week ( i nearly reached 10.000 words today that i will have to cut down anyway!) and then start writing a new chapter (either my findings or the literature review or do them parallel) and attempt to have a good chunk of this section ready by Easter time or mid-April. My supervisor was attuned with the idea that it is good to have certain deadlines in mind but also a piece is to be written when the inspiration is there and the process takes its own time….hence, my commitment is to keep my focus and try to be self-disciplined but also follow the natural flow of the meaning making and the writing as it comes

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