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Reading Papadopoulos (2003) – the concept of ‘home’

Thursday, March 12th, 2009 @ 7:32 pm
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It has been so fortunate that our University library had a copy of an excellent book: Papadopoulos, R. K. (ed) (2003) Therapeutic Care for Refugees: No Place like Home. London: Karnac

this volume has contributions by various authors around trauma and therapy with refugees and asylum seekers (forced migration) which is not my area in the PhD. However, i have found some very interesting ideas and discourse around the concept of ‘home’ and recorded some quotes that can go into my thesis. Papadopoulos offers an excellent account, drawing from ‘Home and Homer’ which connected me to my own Greek background and the symbols and stories of departure and homecoming in my nation, i have been thinking about the links between the individual and the collective level and all the transgenerational heritage we carry at a psychological level. This is an area of experience that comes into my PhD topic but it is quite subtle and i have been feeling it at a gut level without having the words to clearly articulate it. Today’s read has given me food for thought in all the ‘cooking’ an currently doing in my relationship with my data, myself as researcher and my writings.

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