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Thesis writing is ‘cooking’

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 @ 12:05 pm
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This is just a quick update as it has been a while that i haven’t written in this blog. My PhD clock is ticking fast and i am concentrating on thesis writing which is quite demanding, therefore i find that i am so immersed into this text that adding text to the blog has taken a back seat…it is so useful though for me to be finding resources from earlier readings and processes in the researh recorded in here, in this virtual space of my research, that i can copy and paste and work on further in the main body of my thesis…i feel like a chef  (researcher) at the moment that i am cooking my stew (thesis)…i am experimenting with the ingredients and creating new dishes for each chapter. Good food needs slow cooking at different temperatures…this is where i am at right now…i just hope that i dont put on too much weight (phd writing makes me hungry…especially for chocolate …lol…i bought a second-hand exercise bike, it is in the office, i saw the cleaner of our department ‘flirting’ with it one of these days…she said that she needs one of those too!)

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“Thesis writing is ‘cooking’”

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