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Group supervision (24.4.09 & 20.5.09)

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 @ 3:52 pm
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During the last 2 group supervision sessions with our PhD group, i have explored in more depth the process of ‘creative synthesis’ i am into in terms of the heuristic journey. I have been writing the findings chapter for quite a while now and i am at a stage of inspiration around meaning-making and how all the material can be presented in a creative way, as a whole. A number of poems have occured to me that are relevant to core themes in my thesis and also a number of metaphors and images that seem to act as ‘vehicles’  or ‘containers’  of meaning, ways of unblocking what was stuck or without words. Sharing those process with my supervisor and the research group has been so useful, it feels a safe place to expore and find ways forward. I have a central metaphor now that i need to write that connects me to my own heritage and it seems to make sense in what has gone through this research. I feel reluctant to share it publicly now in here as i want it to take full form first. Also, in a kind of synchronistic way, a fellow researcher has asked me to co-present with her on the forthcoming research conference at our University about The Use of Metaphor in the Research Process which i know will be very useful at this stage. I am experimenting with the power  of  my authorship and rhetoric with different audiences and that sharpens my reflexivity even further…i am in deep process, and thankfully, havent ‘lost my marbles’ in all that (new English phrase i have learnt today)!!!

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