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supervision with W. (discussion chapter)

Friday, June 5th, 2009 @ 3:48 pm
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I had supervision with William today to discuss the drfat chapter of my findings (emailed to him last week) and also the steps forward. Writing my thesis is work in progress, i realise that it is a process of writing and re-writing, constant editing and so on. I need to try and draft the whole thesis before seeing what ‘works’ and what does not. It is as if you are a sculptor and need to have some sort of shape first before making lines more fine or smoothing the edges and so on.

W. advised me to move into the discussion chapter. It is noy easy to imagine the shape of it and i have been contemplating on the subheadings. I see that it is appropriate to approach the subject as a whole. I have some observations that are useful:

1. there is a broad theme of transition and splitting and a process of transcendence, characterised by resilience

2. liminality is also a core process in my research. there seem to be different levels of being liminal that applies to me and the participants: feeling liminal at a personal/existential level and chosing to move abroad due to that, being liminal by making oneself a foreigner/ a migrant and the liminality that is inherent in the choice of becoming and practising as a therapist (the liminality of the profession itself)

3. we also talked about  the presence of fear and the challenge of that through the courage for mobility and stepping out of one’s comfort zone, as tied up in dynamics of power that exist at different levels in my research

I keep those in mind and will approach writing this chapter seeking what undeprins them with the implications for the profession and future research in mind. Not having much clarity yet but i know that this will come in the writing itself, through a trial-error attitude that reveals what is meaningful and what not.

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