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‘the penny dropped’…but, time is needed for the new mode

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 @ 12:43 pm
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I have started working on the Discussion chapter this week, trying to be more focused. I have not been sure where to start from and how to flow in my thinking since the meaning-making process is still taking place, it is not crystallised yet…maybe it can’t be. I write in a ‘patchwork’ sort of mode, a few paragraphs here and there, without cohesion at first, just trying to put some ideas on paper when they come in my mind and think of some headings for this chapter etc etc. I realise that there is a shift in my mode of being and thinking: so far, the research has been mostly ‘doing things to me’. Now that i have to discuss my research and find ways of expressing my ‘contribution to knowledge’ as a result of doing it, it is me that needs to take a more active role (not that i have been any passive but my immersion has had huge impact in my lived experience)….now it is me that needs to make an impact, to find the gems of what i have been exploring and looking for, like when one finds the ‘diamond’ in the mud and work needs to be done to bring it out, it all its shining…so,  having realised that new way of  needing to approachmy writing now, ‘the penny dropped’ in some way…but, there is yet another transition taking place in that shift, it is yet another liminal space and am IN it now…things sometimes feel as if one is trying to ‘catch water in a net’…i trust that i will find a flow for this chapter too, i keep going…keep walking…the journey continues…

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“‘the penny dropped’…but, time is needed for the new mode”

  1. This makes sense in two ways. One having been immersed in research especially of a heuristic naure there is a challenging need to step back and find out what has been learnt and to figure out how to communciate it to those others souls who have not been on the journey with you. Secondly if we think in terms of bricolalge then the findings and discussions of the research resemble a bricolage or as Uncle Moustakas would call it a creative synthesis. I wodner what Sela-Smith has ot say about this?

    That apart I loke the sound of it as a creative process. Poetic discussion cbapter, discussion as a work of art why not?

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