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Group supervision, 20.7.2009

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 @ 9:24 pm
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we had our mid-summer, monthly group supervision yesterday and it was once again a very engaging morning. I am thinking to inlcude a 7.5 minutes video in my thesis, where i have collated some recordings from my participation in a project by UKCISA and in which i voice some of my experiences as a foreigner in the UK. I call it Speaking My Voice: Snapshots of my Cross-Cultural Experience – I wanted to show it to the PhD group and seek feedback but, the technology in William’s PC failed us! so, i will take my laptop with me next time to do that…Apart from that, i admit that i am generally tired and my productivity is affected by that. However, i know i just have to keep going and build the thesis little by little, trust myself and the process and believe that i will get there gradually. Today, i also saw William briefly on my own and had some discussions around some difficulties i face with Literature, due to the changing scene of counselling and psychotherapy on the professional front, due to the debate our regulation and so on. this matter is relevant to my research and if the world has not got the answers or has not reached an agreement yet, i also have to accept that i cant have such answers in my thesis, around the matter. Even that is in a state of flux, like many issue in my research topic anyway.

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