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Drafting Discussion chapter

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 @ 10:23 pm
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It has been a while that i havent written in this blog. I am so absorbed into thesis writing during those last months of the PhD that anything else that involves producing text has been left behind…a have managed to produce a lengthy draft of the Discussion Chapter which is the ‘juice’ of the research, it has not been easy journey but am glad that i have done it. I am aware that many changes will take place, a lot of editing etc. I am lucky to have some people offering to read bits of my writing and offer feedback. Some even get so stimulated by my subject that ask to meet me and discuss their ideas etc. A university lecturer in counselling at a University in a city near by even asked my permission to use my writings (when complete) for training and supervision purposes. These are really nice reactions from those colleagues, they make me feel that my work is making a contribution and am full of ideas of what i want to do with it all when Phd gets complete…but, have to get it done first!! so…am now starting a new chapter tomorrow…it may be a while till i post something in this space…but, it will all gradually come together

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