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What is the ‘life’ of this blog since the PhD is complete?

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 @ 11:18 am
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It is 9 months since i had my Phd Viva and 4 months after the official graduation. I have been reflecting on the processes i have been going through, in all areas of life, in personal therapy and there is a lot of insight gained. i am thinking of the life of this blog now…what could it be useful for? it is definitelly interesting to be re-visiting one’s process, like when we read a diary from years that have passed, it shows me where i was, what i went through and maybe some direction for the future. But also, am thinking around how i could be using this ‘blogging’ experience of mine for my work not only as an academic and researcher, but also as a practitioner. There are particular client groups, such as students and young people, that are usually very familiar with the medium of the internet use, that could potentially benefit from blogging. I have to think more around ethical boundaries, relationship dynamics, self-disclosure and such parameters  though. My friend and colleague Terry who did his PhD on the use of internet in counselling can certainly be useful to me, i will be in touch…so…maybe this blog is now taking a new ‘function’…or maybe i shall just ‘store’ this info of ‘atrapos’ somewhere for my eyes only and start a new blog…let’s see!

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