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‘Inner Data Analysis’ (West, 2005)

May 7th, 2009No Comments  

It has been a long time now that i am trying to write and constantly manoeuvre the findings chapter of my thesis, it is like driving a big van where you need to have awareness of its size and its edges without really being able to see them. I realise that the analysis and the writing are two activities that happen simultaneously. My methodology and particular research process has not got clear-cut steps of analysis (like in grounded theory for example) and sometimes this makes me feel on edge about what i am doing. On the other hand, the more i get into doing what i keep doing intuitively and the more i read about how others did a similar process, it all feels right somehow, although quite stressful. It is again the whole reaction to the unknown and the surrendering to the process. I have been doing it for so long now, i am kind of not that scared of the deep sea, i am a good ‘swimmer’. It is just that it is exhausting and i find that i need to be sleeping longer hours, as if my body and mind need to switch off…and then, more dreams come in my sleep, so not much ‘escape’ really! i am now more comfortable with the idea that this journey is to be taken very consciously and i see how i transform in the way that i am reflecting on things, the researcher in me keeps maturing and growing…and the practitioner too, i see how sharp i am with supervising the Diploma students at work. The whole process is so eloquently discussed by my supervisor in his 2005 book, where he calls it ‘inner data analysis’; i have been reading this section again and i am re-visiting the writing of the findings chapter, still a lot to do, still decisions to be made there, i try things and see if they make sense, my meaning-making process is quite deep at present…i immerse, incubate, illuminate, explicate and so on, all over again, variosu times, the whole research process has its own temperament and mood – i try to respect the natural flow but also remain disciplines, as much as i can, whilst looking after myself with short breaks or nurturing treats (good food, sleep, going for a walk, seeing friends, dance, exercise)

Analysing interview transcripts and writing

March 11th, 20092 Comments  

It  has been nearly a month since i wrote a post in this blog, this having to do mainly with some health-related issues that have run me down but also cause i needed to withdraw from the public sphere and immerse in the interview transcripts that am working on…it is a slower and more time-consuming process than one may think!

I had some very positive feedback by two participants in response to the refelxive summaries of our interview that i had sent me which gave me a further boost to continue as i do, even if slow, i want to respect my heuristic pace and also make good justice to the transcripts.

A fellow research student was asking my advice about how to go about heuristic data analysis, in order to help her make a start with handling her own interview data. I am recording my email response to her below, which was agreed also by our supervisor that it is a good understanding of heuristics and good way forward: … Read more »

organising, structuring, meaning-making…as you write

October 16th, 2008No Comments  

It is a couple of weeks that i am trying to draft the Findings chapter of the Thesis, as a first attempt of doing something more focused and organised…and finding it hard and slow process. I have written down a general outline of how the ‘scaffolding’ of the chapter would be and what it may include, i showed it  to my supervisor and he encouraged me to proceed with it. The target a have set for myself is to have something written before i have supervision again so that we can talk with things on paper. As i am trying to write, i see that the data is still all cluttered in my head and in my ‘ raw papers’ of transcripts if you like, although i have done some work with finding important verbatim quotes from participants and so on.

I think that what is happening is that i am trying to construct meaning whilst am looking at the transcripts and reading the participants’ stories. I am writing a couple of paragraphs for each participant so that i can introduce them to the reader and i see that this may take up a lot of word count. I am doing this now without thinking too much about it and will decide later, in supervision, whether i will leave at the main body of my text or in an appendix. As i read the transcripts to remember the stories and write the portraits, i am also finding the quotes that seem significant. I haven’t used any package to systematise those and i do wonder sometimes if i should have done but actually i think that this would not suit my methodology which requires that i have more freedom with the handling of the data rathern that squeezing in boxes etc…at this stage, i am accepting that it is all confusing still and that it will be getting more clear as i write and re-write, even if that is going slow for now…the more clear it becomes, the more easily it will ‘write itself’ .

working on research transcripts

May 13th, 2008No Comments  

It’s been a coupleof weeks that i havent written anything on this blog as i am working on the research transcripts and trying to see how i will analyse the datqa heuristically speaking. I guess it in another process of ‘immersion’ in the material where i try to find the meaning units and see the patterns or any insights emerging from the interviews. I am writing summaries of each interviews and intend to send back to each interviewee for verification and any feedback. The whole Phd project feels huge at the moment, i need to be making  a plan of smaller goald and work within deadlines. I am now focusing on the interviews i conducted with Greek immigrant therapists (some still in host culture and some who have returned to Greece) and i am going to write a case study that will be presented at the IAAP conference in Berlin in July…will write more here as i proceed….

working on data analysis with interview transcripts

April 12th, 2008No Comments  

During the last few days, i have been working closely with an interview transcript to see how i approch the data analysis. there are many challenges that appear and decisions that are to be made, i will discuss all my concers with supervisor and the PhD group this coming week. I have just sent my analysis notes to my supervisor by email and wrote the following to him, amongst else: … Read more »