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another interview (the theme of ‘subcultures’)

February 18th, 2008No Comments  

Today i had another research interview here in Manchester with a Greek, male counselling psychologist living and working in the UK. What was mostly interesting in this case was that this participant was clearly locating himself in the various subcultures that he seems to associate with. For example, when talking about his frequent visits to his original culture (Greece), he said that there is the little rural town in the North of Greece where he grew up and his mum not lives there, there is the urban capital of Athens where most of his friends are and the other urban centre (salonica) where hsi brother and other friends live. In terms of belonging he expressed a sense of confusion but also said that he is aware of the different aspects of himself (in terms of mannerism etc) that emerge when at each of those places … Read more »

interviewing in my native language etc

February 6th, 2008No Comments  

I had a research interview today with a Greek counselling psychologist in Athens who has spent two years studying and working in London before returning to set up privately in Greece. On a previous occassion, i had wondered whether the data am tapping into is at many levels unconscious in which case the dialogue in a second language around the matter might be causing certain barriers. Today i suggested that we conducted the interview in greek, as it was also more comfortable for this particlular participant, to see what happens. I am not sure if i have noticed sth different in relation to anything that relates to deeper emotional experience, as i think we didnt go that deep with this interviewee. It seems that for her it was clear that when she went to the uk she was for a specific purpose and i was thinking that sh eprobably didnt allow the host culture to intrude or ‘enter’ her that much. What i did notice is that our body language and whole mannerism was quite different than when i am conducting interviews in english. From my part, i was still using many english words when reflecting back or summarising information she was offering – am deeply aware that my counsellor and researcher personas are thinking and operating and ‘speaking’ in english…my interviewee was much more comfortable in greek and it was obvious to me that the ammount of time spent in the host culture as well as the individual attitude of each sojourner towards that experience do play a crucial role on what the culture does or doesn’t … Read more »

more data coming in

February 5th, 2008No Comments  

so…its been a while i havent updated my blog, i guess its all my mobility (travelling to India, Greece etc) that has kept me away from desktop, also due to all the other things that life throws on the way, with family matters etc. BUT, i think it is good torecord here that i have been doing well with conducting more research interviews (I did 2 very interesting ones when in India: one with a Brazilian counsellor working in Canada and one with a Canadian counsellor working in India….such unique opportunities to get in one place and do a recording with such colleagues!). … Read more »

Self-disclosure during interviewing

December 30th, 2007No Comments  

Something i have been wrestling with in relation to what happens when am interviewing my research participants has been the fact that often the interviewee cannot access easily the tacit or probably unconscious insights in relation to the experience that is exlored and we are often both left frustrated by ‘not having the words’ for something that is otherwise intuitivelly felt. when discussing with Colin the other day, he confirmed that this is very common, to his experience also, when researching cultural identity etc, it is something so deeply rooted within, with so many layers that is is not easily accessed.

During some interviews, i realised that if i disclose some of my own personal experiences and insights around what am asking, then the interviewee may identify some of that within and unfold their own story. … Read more »

Data collection dilemmas (supervision)

October 9th, 2007No Comments  

As i move along, i encounter people that i can interview for the PhD. I am aware of being anxious about a number of things, dilemmas i need to answer before i proceed: … Read more »