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Ethics in relation to Cross-National Research

May 1st, 2007No Comments  

When thinking about Ethics in relation to research around culture, many parameters appear. I came accross this article about ethics on cross-cultural research in Europe (at a website by Unesco) and i mark it here for possible future reference. So much to read…

‘Ethical Researcher’ by Jim Byrne

March 27th, 2007No Comments  

Today I attended a training event at Manchester University, delivered by Jim Byrne on the subject of Ethics in Research. This was the first of three sessions.It was a very stimulating exprience, also exhausting in some ways, it provoked a lot of responses in me, particularly due to the parallels with ethics in therapy and the fact that i have had some personal negative experiences in this area. Being and ethical practitioner, and researcher, is a challenge that often is over-simplified. Today’s group highlighted a lot of blindspots.  Jim sent an email where he provided some outline of the session, as follows: … Read more »

Such a long, busy day…need time to digest (supervision, careers, CRG)

February 27th, 2007No Comments  

I feel tired but had a very ‘full’ day, my brain feels like exploding-but it was worth it, it was productive!I had many meetings that left me with loads of info and processes to digest and reflect on. I will record the main points of the day, things that worth keeping in mind: … Read more »