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What is the ‘life’ of this blog since the PhD is complete?

April 17th, 2011No Comments  

It is 9 months since i had my Phd Viva and 4 months after the official graduation. I have been reflecting on the processes i have been going through, in all areas of life, in personal therapy and there is a lot of insight gained. i am thinking of the life of this blog now…what could it be useful for? it is definitelly interesting to be re-visiting one’s process, like when we read a diary from years that have passed, it shows me where i was, what i went through and maybe some direction for the future. But also, am thinking around how i could be using this ‘blogging’ experience of mine for my work not only as an academic and researcher, but also as a practitioner. There are particular client groups, such as students and young people, that are usually very familiar with the medium of the internet use, that could potentially benefit from blogging. I have to think more around ethical boundaries, relationship dynamics, self-disclosure and such parameters  though. My friend and colleague Terry who did his PhD on the use of internet in counselling can certainly be useful to me, i will be in touch…so…maybe this blog is now taking a new ‘function’…or maybe i shall just ‘store’ this info of ‘atrapos’ somewhere for my eyes only and start a new blog…let’s see!

the Dr. has arrived…though ”the journey” continues

July 14th, 20101 Comment  

Today i had a successful viva exam! It lasted 2 full hours and it all went very well, the examiners were well satisfied by my defense. I experienced it as a stimulating, fair and enjoyable experience…i feel short for more words at this stage. I am wondering what is the ”life” of this blog from now on…the PhD is awarded, yet the  journey I embarked on continues…as is life, THANK YOU…time for rest.

Happy Birthday!

July 2nd, 2009No Comments  


This was in interesting week, i did a very interesting presentation at a Research conference with a colleague with the title: The use of metaphor, poetry and art as agents in the qualitative research process…the audience responded very warmly and there was a spell of creativity that was provoked, for all participants, including us, the presenters!

the author of this blog has her birthday today. I make many wishes that are dear to my heart for this coming year…one of them is that by this time next year, i will have finished my PhD succesfully and will be full of ideas as well as opportunities to offer its contribution wherever it is my calling…happy birthday to me and the birth of a new phase of writing towards producing a good thesis!

Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2009No Comments  

i have spent the past 10 days of the year in Greece, visiting family and exploring the processes that take place inside in terms of home, culture, belonging and so on, for one more time, from the stage and phase that i am right now…I am contemplating on the year that just ended, so many experiences, so many challenges, learnings and so on. I welcome the New Year that just arrived… My wish now is that i complete this PhD research withing 2009, soulfuly and sucessfuly…greetings to all!

Research is Cool…(?…!)

October 3rd, 2008No Comments  

Well, handing the mass of research data and trying to figure out how to do analysis and the like does not feel very ‘cool’ thing to be doing right now, it requires a lot of concentration and it definitely takes more time than one imagines…However, i want to make note of an initiative taken by a PhD psychology student at the University of Edinbrough who created this site called Research is Cool aiming at promoting reseach networking worldwide. The website can be seen here:

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the PhD demands at present but am sure there will be a day that i will be thinking about it all and realise that these research years have been indeed a cool thing to do!