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Anglo-Saxons and ID development

March 14th, 2008No Comments  

Something that seems to emerge in my PhD research is that many British (or Anglo-Saxon) people i dialogue with in research interveiws and elsewhere appear to have a difficulty in holding into awareness issues related to cultural identity etc. I compare that with my own case where, coming from Greece, a culture thathas been masively invaded and as a result our cultural identity has been repetitively attached and under threat, issues of cultural identity maybe (just maybe) come out more easily and accesible in our process (althouh, still, many of my Greek fellows appear also to be ‘sleepy’ or ignoranmt about this whole area, vaccilating from extreme nationalistic views to total dismiss of heritage or anything relevant in the name of being ‘european’ = good enough). This is a very controversial issue. … Read more »

Implications of PhD for counsellor training (reading Lynch, 2002)

June 21st, 2007No Comments  

One of the motivators of conducting this research has been to gain some insight around the ‘fit; of transferability of counsellor training from one country to another, given that many counsellors who train abroad may be returning to their homeland, sometimes to be pioneers in counsellor training at their original culture, especially if counselling in the original culture is a new filed (like in my case, Greece). The question is that there must be a need for considering the fit between host and original cultural context. For example, … Read more »

Reading Storti (The Art of Crossing Cultures, 2001- the Art of Coming Home, 2003)

June 20th, 2007No Comments  

Today I have been reading those books by Storti which i have read before, but this time i was more ‘detecting’for interesting quotes that i could possibly use for my presentations. I am working on the review panel presentation and am still not entirely sure how to structure it. I have already prepared a few slides but I need to make a decision on the style of my presentation. The time limit is quite a strain, ho much to say and include in just 15 minutes that does enough justice to the topic. … Read more »

Reading “Reflexivity” (by Finlay & Gough, 2003)

June 18th, 2007No Comments  

I have been reading this excellent book: Finlay, L. & Gough, B. (2003) Reflexivity: a practical guide for Researchers in Health and Social Sciences. Oxford: Blackwell. As the authors state this book is about how to do reflexivity in practice.The concept and application of reflexivity is a central theme in my research journey given that i could be one of the research participants myself and wanting to be transparent and open towards the meaning making process taking place during the whole process. Before i return the book to the library, i want to record a few quotes that am sure will enrich my future writings: … Read more »

Grounding (earth, culture, ecopsychology, Jung etc)

June 9th, 2007No Comments  

After having spent much time with reading, writing, agonising over research dilemmas (in conjunction with many dilemmas and conflicts in my personal life, deeply related to the process of finding peace with my ‘roots’ and working towards integrating my host and original cultures within) i felt the urgent desire to connect with nature and be nurtutred by it. I went for a walk with JP at a park and after walking around in the greek, feeding ducks etc, we lay down on the soil. I so much needed to feel the sun on my skin and be connected to the Earth…is there something around the need for grounding? (i somehow see this as very necessary for anybody in a heuristic research journey, as it appears quite demanding for the person).

This makes me think about what we call Ecopsychology and i guess that since location and space,place, ground are concepts deeply connected with the topic of culture, this area doesnt seem at all irrelevant. … Read more »