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another interview (the theme of ‘subcultures’)

February 18th, 2008No Comments  

Today i had another research interview here in Manchester with a Greek, male counselling psychologist living and working in the UK. What was mostly interesting in this case was that this participant was clearly locating himself in the various subcultures that he seems to associate with. For example, when talking about his frequent visits to his original culture (Greece), he said that there is the little rural town in the North of Greece where he grew up and his mum not lives there, there is the urban capital of Athens where most of his friends are and the other urban centre (salonica) where hsi brother and other friends live. In terms of belonging he expressed a sense of confusion but also said that he is aware of the different aspects of himself (in terms of mannerism etc) that emerge when at each of those places … Read more »

Data collection dilemmas (supervision)

October 9th, 2007No Comments  

As i move along, i encounter people that i can interview for the PhD. I am aware of being anxious about a number of things, dilemmas i need to answer before i proceed: … Read more »

Feedback from participant!

October 4th, 2007No Comments  

It seems that I am attracting the right people for my research and getting positive feedback which confirms the need for it really! I will interview an Austrian counsellor next week who now practices in the UK, in an email she said: ” am really excited about your research. I have not really explored this aspect with anyone else in great depths, except in supervision a bit. I look forward to meeting with you and found your questions very stimmulating!! I also want to thank you for sending me your powerpoint notes, I am working with someone at the moment, where your writing will be so helpful!!!”

Such words really show me that counsellors moving between counsellors are paradoxically not given much opportunity to explore their experience and its meaning, i feel stimulated by how people respond to my project and am glad i can contribute in useful ways. The last comment shows also the value of it for the clients as well…the dyad can meet more easily when in touch with the liminality of identity and way of living…

More interviews!…in transit again

September 13th, 2007No Comments  

           It’s been a while i have written on the blog…when in my homeland i get so much distracted by so many issues on the side of the PhD that it is hard to find time to write. This is also due to the fact that i do not have much of a ‘personal space’ when in GR. However I have done two research interviews during the past few days. One with a Greek clinical psychologist who trained and practised in the UK and the US before returning to GR about 2 and a half years ago and another counsellor/psychotherapist who trained and worked in the UK, currently practising in Athens. They both offered very ‘rich’ data…i need to get my head down and do the transcriptions as the data is pilling up now and i need to keep on track with the process WHEN IT HAPPENS.

I am taking a plane soon…in a liminal space again…this is always followed by a mixture of feelings (excitement, frustration, tiredness, confict, relief, anticipation, fear, joy….so much contradiction really!)

Email dialogue with P.D.A: Greek national transgenerational PTSD…

July 26th, 2007No Comments  

I have been having a very interesting conversation via email with P.D.A who i met at a conference in Greece in November 2006. He is a counsellor of mixed heritage (one parent is Greek and the other Austrian I think) and he has spend periods living in other countries. We reflected on culture and cultural identity, cross-cultural relationships etc and how we find those elements affecting counselling practice etc. What is mostly interesting is this mutual diagnosis of a kind of  national transgenerational PTSD (Post-traumatic stress dis.) triats that seem to charcterise our Greek nation, resulting from historical and ‘personality’ reactions of the nation. Here i record some of our dialogue: … Read more »