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“Blogging as a research tool” seminar next week!

September 17th, 2009No Comments  

I am very excited about being invited to run a session for the Kenyan visiting students and the taught doctorate counselling students that wish to join is next Wednesday here at Manchester University! I will bring my blog to an audience and offer my insights so far about how a blog like this can be used for the purposes of qualitative research. I was thinking that this ‘virtual space’ can actually be more useful for those who are doing distance learning or those who reseive supervsion from afar, amongst other reasons. I will be interested to hear the reactions/feedback from the African students in particular, as related to their context back in Kenya:

  1. Would such a medium be appealing to them?
  2. Would it be compatible with their culture-specific values towards learning or conducting research studies?
  3. Is internet a medium they use widely for their training programmes and what sort of communication is mostly adopted in a more ‘collectivist’ context?

These are some of my few questions and am looking forward to meeting the group. As for my preparation for the session, i have downloaded and printed off a few very interesting papers about the use of blogs in research and in HE. I have been rehearsing my input in my head and all seems very interesting to me, i take time to reflect on my own use of this blog too, as triggered of this invitation to work with this group.

Congress in Berlin (20-25 July 2008)…impressions and reflections

July 28th, 2008No Comments  

I spent one week in Berlin/Germany attending and presenting at the International Congress of Psychology. This is not a conference i would usually go to, as its content does not usually match with the counselling field and its philosophy and approaches to research but it was a good experience to fing myself in an environment like that to actually see the huge contrast of ‘cultures’ that exists within the so called helping or therapy professions. This event lasted 5 full days and there was massive attendance, i figured out that there were more than 10.000 delegates from all over the world, with about 4.400 oral presentations besides the symposia, posters etc etc. The website of the Congress with more details can be found by clicking here.

I had prepared a presentation about Counselling in the Greek culture, resulting from a joint study we conducted together with Maria from the University of Athens, in which I used data from the Greek sample i include in my PhD study. It all went well, although we didnt have a very big audience (about 12-15 people i would say) but overall, there are several things i wish to record in here that i gained through attending this conference and they inform my thinking in relation to my own research. … Read more »

My Dr. Who presentation at the Manchester Conference

July 2nd, 2008No Comments  

What an interesting and inspiring day was today! It has been a while now that, together with my fellow doctoral student S., we have been working on the topic of the relationship between the qualitative researcher and the PhD process, the impact on each other and how this interaction forms and unfolds at the different stages of doing a doctoral study in counselling, although the insights are relevant to other disciplines too. Today we had the chance to present our findings at the Student Research Conference, held at the School of Education/University of Manchester and run the session in a workshop format. We had about 15 people attending and all gave us great feedback, they actually confirmed that we shall work more on that and offer it as training session cause it is so relavant to the whole concept of reflexivity when conducting qualitative research. … Read more »

Attending “Race, Culture and Psychological Therapies” Conference in Manchester

June 18th, 2008No Comments  

I came back today mostly inspired and left with a lot of ‘food for thought’ from attending this conference. Due to the subject matter, the audience was very diverse and interesting (I met African, Asian, other European delegates) and the presentations were particularly engaging and relevant to my research topic. A summary of the content of the conference and the full programme can be found in this weblink.

I found myself processing many issues that come up in my PhD and making relevant notes. Each presentation offered different insights and although i have attended such conference before and am pretty familiar with the topics, i learnt and thought new things, it was not just repetition of what i already know. the presentations proceeded as follows: … Read more »

Reflections from attending Pathways Careers Event

June 16th, 2008No Comments  

I attended an interesting event today organised by Manchester University Careers Service about issues related to careers of PhD studnets and research stuff. I am at a stage in my PhD that i have another year yo go when i will be writing my Thesis and although this will take over most of my time, i am also looking at how i can make best use of all the learning and skills i have gained to explore and plan what could be good moves or the next step after the PhD, something that i have been talking about with my supervisor too.The full programme of the day and further infor can be viewed by clicking on this weblink. It was a full day event that provided a number of workshops. I attended the following sessions: … Read more »