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excellent viva, well done!

November 14th, 2008No Comments  

I attended the viva exam of my dear friend today in our research group and it was excellent, she achieved the best result of what a PhD student could expect, well done! most of the questions were around the process of conducting this piece of research and requesting some refelctions from the students around how she made certain decisions during the research journey, so this is something to keep in mind for when my turn comes. Another good point was the examiners asking the student to explain how she chose where to write what in the Thesis that resulted in creating for the reader such a good flow, coherence and real sense of how the research journey had been for the student…really inspiring this viva was, such a good example of a good piece of work, good choice of examiners and excellent research defense by the student who appeared to be calm, honouring her research, knowing her thesis well and presenting it in a rigorous way

Viva questions by themes

September 15th, 20082 Comments  

I find this list very useful, especially for someone who has a viva approaching ( i have another year to go for mine but good to keep all that in mind from now!) so, i am recording it below: … Read more »

Tips about PhD Viva

July 10th, 20082 Comments  

My supervisor recently sent out some useful tips in relation to going through the Phd viva examination and i thought it is useful to record here. One of the things he draws attention to is to avoid responding to a question like  ‘why you did something in your thesis’ by  ” because my supervisor told me to” . This may be true but it is not enough. If we are advised to do something it is good to ask why. Then we have a rationale for what we did. Below are some good points to keep into account about the viva, as outlined by West and Nolan (2008, research conference presentation, University of Manchester, 2nd July 08): … Read more »

Attending a Viva

February 15th, 2008No Comments  

This is the 3rd Viva examination i have attended since the beginning of the academic year, very useful experience. T.  even gave me the idea about writing  paper about this (i.e making a list around the potential questions that might be asked during a viva) which i think would be useful to many students, although the whole matter really depends on who are the examiners.

Here are some questions that i recorded from this Viva : … Read more »

attending another viva

December 3rd, 2007No Comments  

I attended another viva exam recently. it is useful once again to record the main questions that were posed, as a guide for me to think about when the time for my own viva comes. The questions posed, in my words, were as follows: … Read more »